Zero Waste Mindset

    Making the journey to Zero Waste is not quick or easy. 

    But there are things that you can do to guarantee your success.

    One step you can take is changing your Mindset.

    Philosophy of Life

    We all live our lives according to a set of rules. Most of those rules are established and enforced by the government or a religious organization.

    But, without being conscious of it, most of us have another set of rules that we follow in our day to day lives and govern our behaviors. Sometimes those rules are a set of standards that are prevalent in society. We all feel the need to fit in, so we follow these social rules without even thinking about it. Sometimes these rules are just habits that we perform without thinking about it at all.

    Living a Zero Waste life means bringing some of these rules and habits to the conscious mind, and changing them.

    We all need to examine the things we do in our lives, everyday, and see how they impact the environment. We need to understand the impact we have on the world around us.

    Have you ever given any thought to the bag that the cashier hands you for every purchase, no matter how small? 

    Have you ever considered the straw automatically placed in your drink at your favorite restaurants?

    These are just two examples of things people do regularly without giving them much thought.

    How to Become More Mindful About Waste

    The best way to make any change is to start small.

    Start with one day, or even smaller, just a portion of your day. 

    Think about everything you touch. What is the lifecycle of that item? What will happen to this item at the end of its life? What can be done to prevent it from ending up in a landfill?

    Keep the 5Rs of Zero Waste in mind:






    For this exercise we can add an additional R word to the list “Replace”. If any item that you encounter can not be kept out of the trash, replace it (only at the end of its lifecycle) with an item that can be kept out of the landfills.

    You can do this exercise once a week, or once a month.

    You can go through your home room by room and become mindful of the items in there that can be made more Zero Waste friendly.

    Take the list of 5Rs with you on your next shopping trip. Before you purchase anything, make sure that at the end of its lifecycle it will not end up in a landfill.

    Another option would be to examine your trash before putting it out on the curb, and go through the 5Rs in retrospect. How can you do better next time to keep more of those items out of the trash?

    Every Bit Helps

    Keep in mind that Zero Waste is all about the journey.

    Every item that you can keep out of the landfill is a win. Just because you still put items in the trash does not mean that you are not making a difference.

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